Patio Covers

Expanding Your Okanagan Home To The Great Outdoors.

Patios are opportunities, limited only by the boundaries of our imaginations

You may be searching for protection from the intense Okanagan heat, the sun’s UV, the snow or rain but would like to maintain the beautiful sunlight that streams into your patio space and home. In those respects we have you covered – literally – but how else can a Covertec patio cover improve your Okanagan home lifestyle?

Patio covers offer possibilities like hosting a summers barbecue with a last minutes notice, without having to be concerned about incumbent weather. Could it be possible your new covered patio will become the hosting spot for many future events?

Also consider you will no longer have to pack your patio furniture away through the winter months and how you may be able to get an early start on your garden. Relax under your cover with a cup of cold lemonade after a day’s work in the yard; sip on a warm cup of coffee in the early morning hours before work; enjoy a refreshing glass of wine after a long work day – the possibilities are endless.

A patio cover from Covertec will transform your life at home and become the new favourite place in your home. Comfortable outdoor space means more quality time with people you love.

Patio covers offer protection


In the Okanagan we experience a diversity of weather conditions. Patio awnings give us more time outside throughout the year and less worry about the unknowns the weather can send our way.

No longer be concerned about how the sweltering summer sun is beating down on your patio or house wall, our natural light patio cover reflects those damaging UV rays while keeping your sun deck and house bright and airy. The winter snow or rain in the Okanagan doesn’t have to put a damper on your outdoor plans; our patio covers offer full protection for your outdoor living space.

Customized patio covers that work for you


We listen and ensure your new customized patio cover matches your style and home. Explore what a Covertec patio cover will do for you and how it can match your unique style and maintain your curb appeal. No longer are the days where one type fits all!


How do our patio covers fit onto your home? We have several engineered installation methods: fascia mount, roof mount or wall mount, plus the option to do a free standing unit. Our patio awning fits seamlessly with the design and structure of your house: you will be in love with the final results!


Have you considered patially or fully enclosing your Covertec patio cover? We have several capitivating and complimentary enclosure options that shelter you from wind, rain, snow and with the addition of blinds the heat or with screen the wasps! The building process can happen in stages, so the patio cover installed first with the ideal to complete the sunroom in the future. This allows you to set goals for your outdoor living space while getting started on your outdoor living season today!



Explore an elegant and versatile way to add space and value to your home.




Click here to learn about the different patio cover options that are available for you.



You have a covered patio. Now what?



The easiest way to discover the best patio cover option for your home is to book an appointment with one of our sales consultants by calling, emailing, or connecting with us through our website.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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