You Have a Covered Deck. Now What?

Maintaining your deck cover

All of our deck covers are strong enough for a fully grown man to walk on, whether you have a glass deck cover or an acrylic one. This strength makes it easier to maintain your cover.

If you have an acrylic deck cover, do not use any alcohol-based cleaning products on it. The silicone in the acrylic covers makes them self-cleaning, so you can simply rinse your deck cover off with a hose or wait for a light rain to clean it. If you do want to use cleaning products, pick a gentle dish soap for the cover.

If you’ve covered your deck with our glass cover, you can use anything from regular household cleaning products to soapy water on the surface. Typically, cleaning it with a long-handled squeegee will give you the best results.


Furniture under a covered deck

When you furnish your new outdoor living space under your deck cover, remember that more is required of the furniture than of ordinary living room furniture. The temperature on the covered deck changes quite a bit depending on the season and even the time of day. Humidity can also vary from day to day. Soft materials in particular are susceptible to mould. If you plan to keep furniture on your covered deck for longer periods of time, it should be treated with a moisture-proofing substance. You can also look for specific material that is less susceptible to moisture.

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