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Extra Protection for your Patio, Sunroom and Balcony



Whether you are seeking shade from the afternoon sun or the neighbor’s prying eyes, we have you covered with custom pleated blinds for our glass cover and wall products. Now you can make your balcony or patio even more enjoyable. Adjust to control the amount of light, heat and visibility coming from the outside. The blinds are fixed to the inside of each individual glass pane and move together with the panels as they slide open and closed. Watch the following brief videos to see how the blinds operate on the balcony glass and frameless retractable patio glass products.

How to Operate the Blinds on Your Balcony Glass

How to Operate Blinds on Your Patio Glass

Transparent Grey

Transparent White

Non-Transparent Grey

Non-Transparent White

Technical information

The blinds are made of 100% polyester and are antistatic.

Transparent gray: R=42%  A=34%  P=24%

Non-transparent gray: R=60%  A=20%  P=20%

Transparent white: R=30%  A=4%  P=66%

Non-transparent white: R=64%  A=4%  P=32%

R = Reflection  A = Light absorption  P = Permeability

Our blinds and screens are custom made for each project right here in Canada and are expertly installed on site by our professional crews. Ask us for more information or for an estimate today!

Insect Screens


Integrated outside into the tracks of the glass wall systems the durable, retractable, accordion-style pleated insect screen keeps the bugs where they belong! When the glass panels are open the screen also helps keep out the leaves and other flying debris off your patio or balcony. Simply enjoy your family or friend gathering or your evening dinner and glass of wine instead of being chased inside by the pesky flies or buzzing wasps.

Retractable insect screens

Maximize your time on your porch or balcony with stand-alone or integrated insect screens. It is all too often bugs chase us from that planned outdoor family meal or while you are enjoying that glass of wine as the sun goes down. Now, sit back, relax and don’t worry about those pesky wasps or busy flies!

Screens that integrate perfectly with the rest of your porch

Our screens can be completely integrated with our sunrooms and sliding balcony glass, whether you have them installed all together or complete the project in stages – so you can get rid of the wasps today, and worry about the winter winds tomorrow.



Never cancel any backyard event again with a new Covertec patio cover.




Expand your home to the great outdoors with a new sunroom.



Transform your unused balcony space into your favourite place in your home.



The easiest way to discover the best balcony enclosure option for your home is to book an appointment with one of our sales consultants by calling, emailing, or connecting with us through our website.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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