World Class Patio Enclosures

Experience the many benefits of our sunrooms.



With the addition of a sunroom or solarium you invite new living space to your home. This is an opportunity to open up your home life to the Okanagan outdoors on the beautiful days and provides protection on the snowy, windy or rainy days.

Our Breezetec and frameless retractable glass keeps the elements, birds and outdoor animals out of your patio space without compromising the amount of sunlight that you receive. With the additional protection this means less time and money spent on patio repairs plus protecting your patio furniture investment. Enjoy the heat from the sun in the cooler months, boosting the warmth in your home. In the warmer months all of Covertecs sunroom options allow you can retract the glass panels or slide the vinyl panes anytime for fresh air and sunshine.



A closed and locked sunroom is a safe place for children to play, and it will quickly become their favourite playroom.

A sunroom or solarium offers a nice outdoor space for even the most sensitive pets – whether you have a tabby cat, poodle, guinea pig or ferret. Covertec sunroom options prevent the possibility of your pet running away, yet provides them with a space to become familiar with the outdoors and the smells in the environment. At the same time you get that peace of mind knowing they are completely safe.

Safety glass offers the option to lock the main opening pane and Breezetec doors can also be locked resisting or detering those looking to gain entry. Now you can be comfortable knowing you have additional security for your home. Our sunroom or solariums can store bikes and sports equipment safely. The sunroom also protects the house facade, saves energy and reduces road noise. 


 When we consult, we listen to you. Your home is yours, it’s unique to you, and so are your particular design needs and style. As patio and balcony consultants we use our industry experience, product and technical knowledge to assist you in creating the outdoor living space that you have always dreamed of. Let us help you turn your dreams for your patio or balcony into reality!


 Sustainable development and respect for nature are essential to us. The glass and aluminum products that we use in our products is fully recyclable. Moreover, production material remnants are recycled to produce new products.


Our glass sunroom products were created in Finland so you can trust their performance in extreme temperatures – after all, our glass patio enclosures have been satisfying customers in Scandinavia’s climate for decades. Our Breezetec panels were designed in Florida so you can trust their performance in keeping out the flies, wasps and all those other criters you prefer to keep outside. From the hot summers in Osoyoos to the snowy seasons of Salmon Arm, our patio enclosures are designed to excel in all kinds of weather conditions throughout the whole year.

Okanagan Covertec wants to continue be a forerunner in the patio enclosure sector. To this end our suppliers continue to work on their product development, design, research and development allowing us to offering state-of-the-art patio enclosures that fulfill architectural and customer-specific requirements. Covertec patio sunrooms are proven products that have passed a wide variety of certified inspections and have fulfilled and exceeded many customer expectations all around the world.

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