Customized Sunrooms for Every Style

Our sunrooms, solariums, and porch enclosures can be customized for almost any home in order to suit your personal needs and style. Covertec’s enclosure systems can be installed under our natural light patio cover, our glass patio cover or an existing roof structure that you may already have. Here are several options to get you started.

Frameless Retractable Patio Glass



Our top hung frameless retractable patio glass system is our most striking and stylish sunroom option, with floor-to-ceiling glass that gives you a completely unobstructed view. Two horizontal aluminum profiles mount into the ceiling, and a low-profile track runs along the ground. Tempered glass panes available in 8, 10 or 12mm thicknessness are fastened to these profiles. The opening panels are designed with sophisticated and lockable handles. These panes can withstand winds up to 300 kph, yet they remain lightweight and easy to slide and fold for maximum versatility. This sunroom can also come with blinds or retractable screens. With smooth profiles and striking design details, this stylish option is ideal for ground floor applications.


Frameless Retractable Balcony Glass


Frameless retractable balcony glass extends from any railing or similar fixed structure up to the ceiling. Two horizontal aluminum profiles mount into the ceiling, allowing this system to be top hung, and an aluminum profile is mounted to the top of your existing or modified railing—or onto our railing system. The tempered glass panes are available in 6, 8 or 10mm gauge which are fastened to the profiles. These glass panes can also withstand winds up to 300 kph, yet they are lightweight and easy to slide and fold. The retractable glass folds inward, making your sunroom safe and easy to clean for any second floor applications. This sunroom style can also come with blinds and retractable screens. Consider this option if you’re installing a sunroom on your second floor or if you already have a waist-high structure in place.



Sliding Patio Glass


Our sliding glass sunroom slides open along a series of tracks without folding out, saving you space inside your room. Tempered glass panes measuring 6, 8, or 10mm thick are fastened to profiles on the ceiling and the floor. The sliding patio glass weight is on the bottom track and is an ideal sunroom option for ground floor applications. This sunroom style is our most cost-effective sliding glass option and can also be outfitted with blinds and retractable screens. Like all our glass options, our sliding patio glass is manufactured in Canada.

Frameless Retractable Patio Glass


Looking for a cost effective sunroom solution? Breezetec panels create a landscape room effect with its aluminum frame and memory film that allows for clear views and optimal enjoyment. If pressed the memory film will return to its original shape within minutes, an amazing transformation that you will have to see to believe! When Breezetec panel vents are completely open you experience 75% breeze but no bugs with the fixed screen backing. Remove all the vents – easily done – and you have 100% fixed screen. Close the vents and you now have 100% protection from wind, pollen and weather.

See how custom blinds & screens add comfort and privacy to your new glass patio enclosure.

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